Akhand Deep

Most pious “Akhand Deep” (lamp) ignited by the Yug Rishi, as back as in 1926 is still lighting. In its proximity he conducted 24 gigantic Purashcharans of 2.4 million recitations of Gayatri Mantra each, in 24 years. On their completion, 1008 Kundi (altar) Grand Gayatri Mahayagya was performed in 1958, which resulted in the attainment of immense super-natural power by him and benefited millions of other people. Akhand Deep is still-incessantly wiping out the gloom. Mere sight of this Akhand Deep alleviates sorrows and sufferings and delivers divine grants. Thousands of men, women and children daily throng for its Darshan (glimpse).


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  • Basant Swain on 2012-May-30 20:48:37 Basant Swain said

    AKHANDA DEEPAK is first who seen all the activity of PARAMPUJYA GURUJEE just like head of Ghatkoch in mahabharat fight.The paious light who is prove of all divine work in from YANMA BHUMI AWELEKHEDA to MATHURA AND THEN TO HARIDWAR SANTI KUNJ.

    Jai Gurudev.
  • AMIT KUMAR PANDEY on 2013-Nov-19 04:57:06 AMIT KUMAR PANDEY said

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